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Winter news

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

After a few months of preparation, we were able to complete the Christmas decoration "The Nutcracker" at Hankyu Umeda Main Store on November 17, 2021. Main designer of Hankyu – Mr. Kazuhiro Kameyama has succeeded in the three-year cycle with the theme of the Nutcracker. Seven show windows with dimension of 6x4 m. There are over 100 puppets of various sizes in the scene. Most of them always moving!

Christmas decoration „Nutcracker“ will continue till 25th December and every day could be seen of more than 20.000 station passenger passing here everyday.

I'm happy, I was able to continue a great team three year with the Nutcracker project. My contribution were mostly puppets, such huge project need cooperation of a lot people of different specialization.

I would like thank to the the two Czech professionals: Gabriela Budíková (theatre dressmaker) and Jaroslav Doležal (theatre puppet artist and carver)

My assistant team: Kina Usami, Kaori Matushima, Yuki Sakuma, and Junko Hayasaka.

Special Thanks: Hiromitsu Urabe(sculptor), Koji Hashizume (automata creator) , Saori Seki(creator)

Special thank to my business partner Yasushi Kojima and his company BATON by realization and close co-work with Hankyu.

Japanese media including NHK radio, newspaper and Japanese TV stations had a interest about this final project with the main topic about the great design of Mr. Kazuhiro Kameyama.

You can find links in my website, but all documentaries are in Japanese language. Then I can recommend you short video about making process without words.

Meantime I participated on the Czech Festival. One festival was in Tokyo, second in Sakai (Osaka). I presented my artwork and also product of Petao design. I appreciated the great audience and all visitors, they visited us. Thank you.

Now, I‘m finally back in Prague and can enjoy real winter season with snowy Christmas spirit. I’ll take a small rest and I look forward next projects and challenges.


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